Spiritualized – Rated X, Teatro de la Ciudad, 17/04/2013

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Spiritualized El Teatro de la Ciudad “Esperanza Iris” Mexico 17/04/2013 Audience recording (low quality) Setlist: Here It Comes (The Road, Let’s Go Down) – h…

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Bull In The Heather says:

My favourite post-Ladies & Gentlemen song. Lyrically lovely, melodically
breathtaking. This should’ve been raved about in all the Amazing Grace
reviews, but as far as I can remember it was barely mentioned – most
reviewers concentrated on The Ballad Of Richie Lee, which is gorgeous too,
but not as..I don’t know, emotionally subtle or something. If melancholy is
that knife-edge balance between beauty/joy on the one hand and sadness on
the other then this is melancholy defined in musical form.

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