Spiritualized – Electricity – Live at the Royal Festival Hall 13th Oct 2009

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http://twitter.com/Drink8AceDrink . Spiritualized blast out Electricity during their amazing live performance of their classic album Ladies and Gentlemen we are Floating in Space at the Royal…

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Drink8AceDrink says:

@btwinny ….and your ears bled for a week

Drink8AceDrink says:

That’s Electricity to a tee. They pulled it off with style

esteetube says:

Bad..BAD h3ll no, it was inspirational, I felt like someone had clamped me
to a steel frame bed and charged me up from the mains 🙂

Drink8AceDrink says:

he he…. I remember feeling like that first time I saw them in the early
90s with support from Mercury Rev and Dr Phibes and the House of Wax

Copshootcop74 says:

Was there Monday night…… it really was something else, along with MBV
last year best gig I have ever seen! Jason really did take you to space!

esteetube says:

It sounded like they all decided to throw their sheet music out after 5
minutes, drop some LSD and don some gardening gloves, therefore inhibiting
their ability to play anything lucid….the light show was amazing though

CalTheSpaceman says:

no words can actually describe that song… blows my mind every time

btwinny says:

back in the day of Floating in Space and Electric Mainline, during the
shows the music never really stopped. The “mainline” was always going on in
the background. Those shows were incredible.

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