Spiritualized – 5th May 1991 – Oxford Polytechnic

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Mojave Daze says:

I wouldn’t have ever thought this existed. I wonder if there is any
spacemen 3 stuff out there somewhere that has yet to be posted.

RainyDayMerman says:

Wow–rare footage, Spiritualized during my favorite era (Lazer Guided
Melodies is my favorite Spiritualized album, my favorite album of the ’90s,
next to Storm in Heaven.)

“Feel So Sad” is the Spaceman’s shining moment, my favorite song of all
time, alongside “Already There”.

My God, I’ve fantasized about seeing footage from that time since I first
became a Spiritualized fan. The band at their peak! This now sits alongside
the Verve at Camden Town Hall (Oct. ’92 during Gravity Grave tour) as my
holy grail of concerts.

will carruthers says:

I love the whoops at the end . It sounds pretty good …even after all of
those years 

Mojave Daze says:


triffin says:


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