Spacemen 3 – Rollercoaster (17 Minute Version)

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From the “Walkin’ With Jesus” 12″ EP GLAEP 105 1986. A shorter version of this appears on the “Sound Of Confusion” LP. This is the Full 17 minute version of …

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Glass Redux says:

When I uploaded this I got verified by youtube so that i could post videos
longer than 15 mins. This was all ok, I uploaded the 17 minute version of
this song and it was definitely there. NOW it seems Youtube has chopped 7
mins if it off. When I get time I’ll try to load it up again.

Dimitris JJ Pallis says:

A great cover!
You should mention that the original is from The 13th Floor Elevetors “The
Psychedelic Sounds of The 13th Floor Elevators” (August 1966)
Spacemen3 changed the lyrics a bit…

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