Main – Suspension (33 1/3 rpm) (2)

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Taken from the Hydra 12″ E.P. which was cut to turn at 45 but I think this track works well at 33. There’s a bit of surface noise but I think that adds to the atmosphere. This cuts short…

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WilderGA says:

yeaaahhh!!!! MAIN !!!! Stellar Revolution!!!!!! Robert Hampson is God !!

johnnyriggsisdead says:

Hampson’s brilliant. I was in a band that opened for Nirvana on the Bleach
tour, and LOOP in 1989. Got to meet the guy I’d loved for so long. If I’d
known he’d go on to make all the great drone stuff he did, I’d probably
have kissed his feet.

troumer says:

Hmmm…Interesting and nice. You’ve almost created a Lustmord song–I
wonder if the rest works well at a slower speed also. Sadly, all my vinyl
is in storage for now.

PrankZabba says:

more MAIN?!? SWEET! wish the whole HZ album was on here

blacklightposter says:

Definitely sounds more doom-ish this way.

21111987 says:

I’m not familiar with commee. Robert Hampson currently releases music under
his own name via his myspace account (google his name and you should find

geiler, gary says:

God I need this album again

wigwamcafeteria says:

if you put this on and simultaneously play the regular-speed version on a
separate set of speakers, it sounds EXTRA good.

geiler, gary says:

I’m listening to this in hospital and the distant life-support machines are
blending well.

redshaftedflicker says:

I’m always on the lookout for “new” music when I should just be listening
to MAIN.

insectstorm0 says:

Hi i think main are called commee now does anyone know and do they have
some uploads please.

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